I am an Assistant Professor of comparative politics at the Department of International Affairs at the University of Georgia. I received my Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in 2016. From 2017-2018, I was a postdoctoral research fellow at LAPOP.

I study elections, public opinion, voting behavior, and political representation, especially in the Latin American region. Much of my work focuses on the individual and contextual factors that fuel  voters' decisions to cast blank or spoiled ballots. In related work, I examine elite responsiveness to protest voting, the measurement of electoral behavior, and the effects of democratic and health crises on public opinion.

My research is published or forthcoming at the American Journal of Political Science, The Journal of Politics, Political Analysis, and Political Behavior, among other outlets, and has been generously supported by the National Science Foundation. I have also written several reports as part of LAPOP's Insights series and contributed to The Monkey Cage Blog  and Mischiefs of Faction.

Please click here for a copy of my CV,  and here to contact me.

Mollie J. Cohen